This question has been asked severally by upcoming law students. We all know at times in life we tend to sit and think about the part we have chosen if we made a mistake in the first place, or we just took the decision earlier without thinking through. The truth is, this dilemma always comes when it little too late. For the case of lawyers, they do like to interact with senior colleagues in the same field to get ideas and see if they made a good decision at first. In all honesty, being a personal injury lawyer is lucrative especially in NY. The feeling of getting burden depts off clients mind from someone else pocket is overwhelming and this can only be achieved if you have the best personal injury lawyer to do so. Let’s get to discuss the injury lawyer system specifically that of NY.

The NY injury law system

The NY injury law system is something victims have to understand before heading to file any case whatsoever; the NY injury law in NY is designed so that the injury law privilege can never be abused. There are strict laws that must be adhered to in NY injury cases and if you fall ignorant of these laws, then you have no case in whatever injury situation you find yourself. These laws are across all states. They are:

Time Limits for Injury Lawsuits in New York

All states have limits on the amount of time one has to file a lawsuit in civil court if you have suffered some harm. This type of law is called “a statute of limitations,” and it has different deadlines depending on what type of case you want to file.

The New York’s No Fault Insurance Rules for Car Accident Cases

This is specifically for those that are injured in a car accident in New York. Their options to recover compensation could be limited; this is because New York is a no-fault car insurance state, and this means that when one is injured in a car accident, he/she should turn first to their car insurance policy to get compensation for the medical bills and certain other economic losses, irrespective of who caused the crash. However, if you’re injured as a passenger, you have to rely on the no-fault coverage of the driver whose car you were riding in.

Any Owner Liability For Injury by a Dog( or Other Animal)

It is observed that there is no specific statute in New York governing personal injury liability for dog bites. The dog owners will be held accountable for injuries caused by their dog (or any other pet animal) only if the injured party can show that the owner should have known and make it aware to the injured that the animal was dangerous. This is sometimes called the “one bite” rule.

Knowing this many rules, and knowing fully well that individuals don’t have that luxury of time to start learning NY injury laws system and criteria listed above. Becoming a personal NY injury lawyer to handle these individuals (clients) that fall into this situation is indeed a job worth venturing into. All NY injury lawyers have forum and if you are looking for one to contact, Bronx Injury Lawyers are highly recommended.

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