What Causes Work-Related Injuries and Deaths in Construction?

Construction workers are at risk of an accident and injury because of the nature of their work. The accidents they face range from minor to very severe and can result in damages to property, personal injuries, or even death.

Construction workers are trained to work heavy machinery, operate power tools, and work in hazardous environments. The nature of their job exposes them to many occupational hazards. Construction site fatalities are on the rise because of lack of awareness about safety measures. Injuries related to construction accidents happen in many different ways.

Falls: Falls from heights (e.g. ladders and scaffolding) and falls onto hard surfaces (e.g. from heights, floors, roofs).

Slips/trips: Slipping on wet surfaces, tripping over an object or slipping on spilled liquids such as oil or paint.

Being hit by something: Being hit by an object such as a piece of equipment or machine moving around the workplace causes injury to the person it hits.

Workplace Safety Regulations for Construction Workers

Safety regulations for construction workers are in place. These are to ensure that these people are not at stake to get injured or even dying while on the job site.

Some of these safety rules include the following:

– All workers should wear appropriate clothing and protective gear while on site. This should be done according to weather conditions too.

– Workers should make sure that they have their hard hats with them at all times, it should be worn when needed.

– Workers must also take care of their safety harnesses, ropes, and other equipment that they use for their work sites.

When it Comes to Safety Gear in Construction Sites, You’re Not Wearing Enough!

Improving safety on construction sites is crucial for both employers and employees. Construction sites are the most dangerous places to work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction workers are six times more likely to die on the job than people employed in other professions. Local personal injury law firms work tirelessly to try and protect the rights of these constructions workers.

There is a variety of safety gear available for different types of construction work, but not all workers use it. There are cases where safety gear isn’t used because it is too expensive or bulky or uncomfortable. Other times it’s used incorrectly or not at all because they don’t understand their importance and how they impact an accident’s severity and probability of occurrence.

Safety and health should be the top priority in any construction site. The best way to increase safety levels in construction sites is by providing appropriate information to workers about when and how to wear personal protective equipment when on the job site.

Construction Accident Claims Process & Settlement

If you are injured on a construction site there is a good chance an experienced Bronx construction accident lawyer can help you get compensation. Negligence is rampant on construction sites and many times workers are not provided appropriate gear and the owners/managers don’t keep a clean and safe environment for their workers. By building a strong case you can win your insurance claim or even get a settlement from the negligent parties.

If you are a construction worker and were injured on the job get a free consultation today!

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